Inside Charlotte Church’s £300-a-night Welsh wellness retreat complete with ‘womb-room’ and healing treatments

 (Charlotte Church/Instagram)
(Charlotte Church/Instagram)

Charlotte Church has launched her new £300-a-night wellness retreat in Wales, which claims to “reduce the chances of coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes”.

Located Cwmdauddwr in Powys, Wales, The Dreaming can accommodate up to 16 people at once over eight different rooms.

One notable room is named “The Womb” and is described as a “celebration of womanhood” that is designed to make you feel “swaddled” while also boasting a “vagina-shaped” shower.

The retreat also contains a Healing Room where guests can partake in movement, yoga, sound healing, and group work.

There are also several gardens onsite, including the Potting Shed, Japanese Tea House and a Waterfall Shower, to help you escape the noise of everyday life and soak up serenity.

And if guests want to lean into finding stillness and tranquillity in their life, the retreat offers a plethora of activities to align your charkas and quieten the mind.

These include yoga, sound healing ceremonies, foraging, mythic storytelling, star-gazing, cold water therapy, den building, sensory portal building, painting, outdoor cinema, herbalism, woodwork, meditation, Qi Gong, silent disco, night time forest bathing and more.

Food and drink are included in stays, although alcohol is strictly banned. Meals are communal and are geared toward vegetarian and vegan diets.

A minimum stay at The Dreaming is three nights, this means stays could cost up to £900 per person should they choose the most expensive room on site, The Forest Spirits.

The website also states that all sharing rooms will be single-gender, unless you book as a group and that participants must be 18 or over.

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Church previously revealed that she has “tied my life savings to the bricks and mortar of Rhydoldog House” in order allow visitors to connect with nature and heal.

The renovation process of the sprawling £1.5 million home and grounds, which was the former home of designer Laura Ashley, was followed on TV show Charlotte Church’s Dream Build, which airs on Really.

The 36-year-old, who bought the property two years ago, explained that being an “eco-warrior” motivated her to take on the project on Thursday’s This Morning.

She added that the impact of the pandemic and other growing pressures on everyday people spurred her on to create a place where people are able to escape their busy lives and unwind.

Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, she said: “In part, it’s about connection to nature.

“In our busy lives we don’t have time, people are so distracted by everything, our nervous systems are getting burnt out, our mental health isn’t coping very well.”

Although the Welsh retreat’s pricetag could be described as eye-wateringly expensive to many, Church explained that she hopes to make the retreat open to people from all backgrounds as she plans to develop “pay what you can” and “pay it forward” schemes.

She continued: “One thing that was really important to me was to make it as accessible as I could.

“There will be a pay what you can space on all the retreats that we do.”

“I really want to set up a pay it forward scheme, I really want to work with different charitable partners, so over this next six months to a year I’m really going to see what our options are to make this as accessible as possible and as useful as possible.”

On her website, Charlotte wrote: “For many years I have tried to use my platform to campaign for climate action, economic equity, and wellbeing for all. Whilst some of that work has been effective and meaningful, I always felt there was more I could be doing to better the lives of people who find themselves adrift in the chaos of the 21st Century (with its social and economic pressures and mental health crises), and to help in the fight against climate change.

“My intuition has long told me that these two causes are intrinsically linked, one leading into the other. By honouring and connecting with nature we can regain our wildness, and awaken spiritually. By spending time in woodland spaces we lower our cortisol levels and blood pressure, improve our mental health, and even reduce the chances of coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes.”