Inside a Glamorous Spa Day for Little Girls

Nicole Amoruso celebrated her eighth birthday in a decidedly adult fashion: At a spa, getting her hair, makeup, and nails done with a group of other young friends.

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Spas for kids are a growing trend. In fact, the International Spa Association reports that 25 percent of the nation’s approximate 20,000 spas cater to children under 13, up from 15 percent over the past four years.

"It’s fun for them to do it every once in awhile and not take it too seriously," mom Donna says, adding that her daughter — who opted for hot pink and blue eye shadow — definitely won’t go to school "looking like that." Spa parties at Seriously Spoiled, where the Amoruso family celebrated, cost between $500 and $3,000.

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Critics are mixed about tweens visiting the spa.

There are health benefits to stress-reducing beauty treatments for little girls, spa association president Lynne McNees tells The New York Times.

"It’s very similar to taking little kids to the dentist,” McNees says. “Let’s get them early, and get those really good habits.”

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But child psychologist and Madeline Levine tells the Times that spa days for children are “the worst idea ever.” 

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