Ingenious new smartphone prototype can be charged using only sound waves

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Tired of being on the go and having to search for an outlet you can use to recharge your phone? If researchers at Nokia and at the Queen Mary University of London are successful in their new joint endeavor, you might never have to think of hugging the wall while charging your phone ever again.

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As Science Alert informs us, the researchers have been working on a prototype smartphone that can be recharged using only the sound waves that we encounter every day when walking down the street. The prototype phone is loaded with “nanogenerators” that have been designed to react to sound and generate electricity. This means that you could theoretically charge your smartphone at home just by placing it atop your stereo.

Most crucially, the researchers found that they were able to generate five volts of electricity using the human voice, music and even traffic noise, which just happens to be enough power to get a smartphone charged.

For more technical details on how this works, be sure to check out Science Alert’s report by clicking the source link below.

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