How the infrastructure bill’s word count compares to other big packages

·1 min read

Data: Quorum; Chart: Will Chase/Axios

The 2,702-page bipartisan infrastructure package is a lengthy outline for new roads, bridges and other construction projects, yet it comes in only at 102nd for highest word count since the 101st Congress, according to data collected by Quorum.

By the numbers: It's been a wordy year for congressional bill writers. The top two bills for highest word count were both introduced this year.

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  • Two of the top bills are national defense authorization acts — bills passed every year to determine how the military can spend federal funds.

  • The oldest bill to make the list for most words was the Senate's version of the "Welfare to Work" bill.

  • The House's version was signed into law in 1996 by then-President Bill Clinton.

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