Indianapolis SEO Marketing Company Launches New Facebook Advertising Program For Local Businesses

Digital Marketing company Millennial Tech Services has created a new Facebook marketing technique for local businesses that was discovered due to recent scrutiny in the media of Facebook after allegations were made that their Trending Topics section was politically biased

NOBLESVILLE, IN / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2016 / Facebook has undergone recent scrutiny in the media after allegations were made that the content posted in the Trending Topics section was politically biased. Specifically, these allegations have come primarily from Republicans who state that conservative content has purposefully been suppressed. In response, Facebook conducted an internal investigation to disprove these statements.

Due to this recent controversy, a marketing firm in Indianapolis, Millennial Tech Services, has launched a new FB marketing program that helps businesses get in front of their ideal customers, which is helping these companies customer and client base to grow exponentially every month.

Lathan Fritz, CEO of digital marketing firm Millennial Tech Services, said his company discovered this new technique when the controversy broke by studying how Facebook curated data, and how that data could be used for the benefit of local businesses. He states: "From a human behavior perspective, almost no other platform is able to spread a message or movement faster then Facebook. And we can use that viral component, mixed with data collected by Facebook to create an endless stream of customers and clients for local businesses in almost any geographical area."

Millennial Tech Services, Indianapolis SEO Agency is a leading internet marketing firm. They have developed a specialized team of SEO strategists, social media mavericks, and press consultant experts that generate massive buzz and business for their clients.

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