Indiana voter registration deadline is Oct. 11. How to register to vote

Indiana has a major election in 2024 that includes voting for governor and U.S. Senate.

Mark your calendars, Hoosiers: Election Day is Nov. 8.

To vote in the November general election in Indiana, you must registered to vote by Oct. 11. Early voting begins Oct. 12.

Here’s how to register to vote in Indiana.

Who can register to vote in Indiana?

Legal adults who are U.S. citizens and meet the criteria can register to vote in Indiana.

Here are the official requirements. To register to vote in Indiana, you must:

  • be a U.S. citizen and an Indiana resident

  • have resided in your precinct at least 30 days before the next election

  • be at least 18 years old on the day of the election

  • not currently be in prison after being convicted of a crime

Voting rights are restored upon release from prison. If you were previously incarcerated, you should check your registration, as you may have to re-register to vote. For more information, visit the ACLU Indiana website:

If you move to a new precinct less than 30 days before the election, you may be eligible to vote according to your previous address.

How do I register to vote online in Indiana?

Hoosiers registering to vote online in Indiana must have a valid Indiana driver’s license or state-issued identification card.

To register to vote online in Indiana, go to and click “Apply Now” under “Register to Vote.”

You’ll be directed to a site where you can enter your driver’s license or state-issued ID number, as well as first and last name. From there, you’ll be asked a series of questions about eligibility. Follow the steps to register to vote.

How do I register to vote via mail in Indiana?

To register to vote by mail, download and print the form at this website:

Paper forms must include a “wet,” signature, meaning your name is signed in ink, not electronically. To be registered on time, forms must be mailed or delivered in person to county voter registration officials at least 29 days before the upcoming general election.

How do I register to vote in person in Indiana?

You can register to vote in person at your county’s voter registration office or county clerk’s office.

You also can apply at any Indiana Election Division, located at 302 W. Washington St., room E-204 in Indianapolis; as well as any National Voter Registration Act full service agency (such as the Family and Social Services Administration or Workforce Development offices).

You also can register at the BMV if conducting a "credential transaction," such as getting a new driver's license.

How can I make sure I’m registered to vote?

You can check your voter registration at

Click on “Check Voter Registration Record” under “Check Voting Status" and enter your first and last name, as well as date of birth and county of current voter registration.

How can I apply for absentee by-mail voting?

You must be registered to vote to request an absentee ballot. To request an absentee ballot, download the application online at:, pick one up in person, or call county election officials or the Indiana Election Division at 317-232-3939 to request to have an application to be mailed to you.

You also can request an absentee ballot online on the voter portal, by emailing your application to or returning it to a county election board, which are listed on the application.

You must request a new absentee ballot for each election, even if you qualified to vote absentee in the past. Absentee ballots must be requested by no later than 11:59 p.m. Oct. 27, or 12 days before the November general election. Election officials must have the application by this deadline, even if the ballot was postmarked before this date.

You must meet one of the following requirements to vote absentee:

  • You have a specific, reasonable explanation as to why you won’t be in the county during the hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Election Day.

  • You will be confined due to illness or injury or caring for someone confined due to illness or injury during the 12 open poll hours on Election Day.

  • You have a disability.

  • You are at least 65 years old.

  • You will have official election duties outside your voting precinct.

  • You will be scheduled to work at your regular place of employment during the 12 hours the polls are open on Election Day.

  • You participate in the state's address confidentiality program.

  • You are a military member or a public safety officer.

  • You are unable to vote in person due to observing a religious holiday during the entire 12 hours the polls will be open.

  • You are a “serious sex offender,” according to Indiana Code.

  • You cannot vote in-person due to lack of transportation to the polls.

For more information about absentee by-mail voting, visit

Who can I contact for assistance registering to vote?

You can call the Hoosier Voter Hotline at 866-461-8683. You also can visit the Secretary of State’s Voter Portal to check registration, find your polling location and more:

Contact IndyStar trending reporter Claire Rafford at or on Twitter @clairerafford.

This article originally appeared on Indianapolis Star: How to register to vote in Indiana in 2022; deadline is Oct. 11