Indian X users hijack negative trending topic 'What's wrong with India'


A trending topic on X criticizing India has been flipped on its head by Indian users, who are now highlighting flaws in Western countries and showcasing India's achievements.

Key points:

  • The phrase "What's wrong with India" began trending on X on March 12, fueled by posts highlighting issues like poverty and crime.

  • Some users alleged that the recent negative social media commentary about India has been receiving undue algorithmic promotion.

  • Indian users hijacked the trend, using the same phrase to highlight the beauty of India while sarcastically pointing out problems in the U.S. and other countries.


The details:

  • Posts criticizing India reportedly gained momentum after a Spanish tourist was gang-raped in Jharkhand's Dumka on March 1. The incident led to online outrage with posts proclaiming India as the "rape capital of the world." Days after, other negative posts emerged on X, including unflattering portrayals of the country's safety and hygiene.

  • Indian X users alleged that the X algorithm's purported bias highlights the platform's role in shaping perceptions. Reactions range from humorous memes to pointed commentary about double standards.

  • To counter the trend, Indian users started flooding X with satirical posts, using "What's wrong with India" alongside images and videos of problems prevalent in developed nations, such as homelessness, drug addiction, violence and sexual assault, among others.

  • Even the official MyGovIndia handle, run by the Indian government, has participated and used the phrase to post news articles showcasing India's progress in various sectors.


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Why it matters:

  • This incident highlights the potential for social media algorithms to amplify negative narratives, raising important questions about bias and transparency. The Indian users' response demonstrates the power of online communities to challenge harmful stereotypes and reclaim their own narratives.

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