Incredibly cool iPhone 6 feature seemingly confirmed by new leak

Brad Reed
Incredibly cool iPhone 6 feature seemingly confirmed by new leak

Last week we started seeing evidence that Apple’s iPhone 6 Lightning cables would feature reversible USB, marking the first time that an Apple smartphone would come with this particular feature. Now uSwitch, in conjunction with iPhone leaker Sonny Dickson, has published some pictures of the iPhone 6 USB cable’s retail box that it says clearly shows the new cable will feature reversible USB.

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“The shots of retail boxes for the cables confirm that rather than being something that could yet be a long way from reality and market-readyness, Apple is in fact ready to introduce them with the iPhone 6 next month,” uSwitch writes.

Reversible USB cables solve the annoying problems that arise when you damage your hardware by trying to jam a USB cable into your computer the wrong way. The way the new cables are designed, you’ll now be able to safely plug them in on either side without having to worry about hurting your computer’s USB port.

The USB 3.0 Promoter Group only just last week finalized its work on the USB Type-C connector that promises to be fully reversible so it would be pretty fast turnaround for Apple to come out with its own reversible USB cable so quickly, although we don’t know for sure yet whether Apple’s reversible USB cables will use USB 3.0’s standards.

We’ve posted one of uSwitch’s pictures below but you should really check out the full gallery yourself by clicking the source link below.

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