Incident in Bryansk Oblast ‘part of transformative processes in Russia,’ Ukrainian intel says

Ukrainian intel commented on incident in the Bryansk Oblast of Russia on the border with Ukraine
Ukrainian intel commented on incident in the Bryansk Oblast of Russia on the border with Ukraine
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"The Russian Federation today is an entity within which there are a large number of inter-ethnic, inter-religious, socio-political, and other conflicts," he said.

“Today there is a public statement by the RVC (Russian Volunteer Corps — ed.). These are people who are fighting with weapons in their hands against the Putin regime and those who support him... Maybe Russians are beginning to wake up, realize things, and take some concrete measures."

Russian propagandists reported on March 2 the alleged infiltration by "Ukrainian saboteurs" of the border areas of Russia’s Bryansk oblast. In response, the Ukrainian military’s General Staff called these statements a "brazen provocation."

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The various reports coming from Russian sources contradicted each other, with conflicting information about "the taking of local hostages", the presence of "wounded and dead", and an "explosion at a power substation."

Later, the RVC confirmed that they had entered Bryansk oblast, but denied Russian claims about "killing children" and "taking hostages."

"The Russian Volunteer Corps came to Bryansk Oblast to show their compatriots that there is hope, that free Russian people bearing arms can fight the regime," the RVC said in a video statement apparently filmed in Russia.

Formed in August 2022, the Russian Volunteer Corps is a unit of volunteers formed from ethnic Russian immigrants who live in Ukraine and other European countries.

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