‘Inches away from death’: Stray bullet goes through East Nashville home

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — “Pretty scary to know that, I mean, truly someone that I consider a mother was inches away from death,” Matt Dolson said.

That’s how close a stray bullet came to an East Nashville woman inside her home. News 2 spoke with her son-in-law just weeks after the unsettling incident, allowing him to share the safety concerns he’s had for years.

“On the other side of this wall is actually where my mother-in-law was sitting,” Dolson said.

Dolson showed News 2 the damage after one bullet pierced several walls inside his in-law’s home.

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“This probably would have either hit her in the shoulder and/or the head just based off of where it was in the wall and where she was reclined,” he said.

He said it’s the terrifying reality in this East Nashville neighborhood along Stainback Avenue: “It’s an ongoing, unfortunate joke that it’s ‘Is that gunshots or fireworks?'”

Dolson has been concerned about safety since a speeding driver crashed into a city inspector’s vehicle outside the home three years ago.

“I have seen cars ramp and basically get airborne in front of my in-law’s house for the past five years that I’ve been over here,” he said.

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Working with the city since 2021, Dolson has been advocating for road tables or a four-way stop sign. However, he said the gun shots have also ramped up.

“It’s at least one to two times a month,” Dolson said.

Taking to social media, Dolson has connected with neighbors on East Nashville Neighborhood Watch who have the same concerns.

“We’re connecting with people that have experienced what we have experienced, and it’s disheartening,” Dolson said.

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Last week, News 2 reported on a recent East Nashville crime spree involving multiple car break-ins, carjackings, armed robberies. The Metro Nashville Police Department said three teenagers were charged in connection with several incidents in the area since late January.

Then, on Thursday, Feb. 8, two teenagers died after being shot in a parking lot outside an East Nashville school, leading to another teenager being charged with criminal homicide, according to authorities. Detectives are investigating a drug-related motive for the gunfire.

Dolson said more needs to be done about crime and safety concerns across East Nashville.

“It’s not just more police presence, it’s not just better funding, it’s also the ‘How are guns getting out there in the first place?'” he explained. “It’s also more neighborhood awareness and presence, and so it’s a multi-pronged, I would say, complex problem that needs a lot of different people for the solution.”

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Dolson told News 2 his family has since repaired the bullet holes in their home, but police still don’t know where the bullet came from or who fired it.

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