Ina Garten says 'cooking is really hard' for her because she never received formal training

Ina Graten on the Today Show
Ina Garten is frequently on TV creating dishes for the home cook to recreate.NBC/Getty Images
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  • Ina Garten said that she's "not a confident cook" in an interview with Page Six.

  • Garten added that her lack of classical training can make cooking "really hard" for her.

  • She said she relies heavily on her husband Jeffrey to boost her confidence in the kitchen.

Ina Garten admitted that she's "not a confident cook" in a new interview with Page Six, despite her being known as a celebrity chef.

The 74-year-old Food Network star is known around the world for her cooking, but she says that "cooking is really hard" for her and she's uncomfortable in the kitchen.

"If I'm making dinner for four people, I'm like, 'How's this going to happen?' I really am. I'm really not a confident cook," she told Page Six's Nicki Gostin.

Garten said that her lack of confidence in a kitchen is due to the fact she never received any formal training as a chef. She added that as she never had to perfect any techniques "over and over and over again," she doesn't possess the same knowledge as classically-trained chefs who know exactly how something will turn out every time.

"When you're cooking at home, you know, you go to the store, you get a chicken and maybe it's a little bigger than the last one you got or its taste is a little different or the carrots are sweeter, and so you have to adjust along the way. I just find it hard," she told Page Six.

Garten said she relies on her husband, Jeffrey, to boost her confidence, who she says loves every morsel she creates.

Having first opened a specialty food shop in 1978, Garten released her first cookbook 20 years after first opening. Since then, she has become a global TV star, with her newest show, "Be My Guest with Ina Garten" being released on Discovery+ on Saturday.

Representatives for Garten did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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