'I'm A Celebrity' viewers feel cheated after Naughty Boy's 'confrontation' with main camp

Naughty Boy seemed happy to join the main camp. (ITV/Shutterstock)
Naughty Boy seemed happy to join the main camp. (ITV/Shutterstock)

I’m A Celebrity viewers said they were cheated out of a drama after Naughty Boy entered the main camp without a fuss.

The music producer had been threatening to quit the reality show because he was so put out that the contestants in the main camp had selected him to take on the Treacherous Traps Bushtucker Trial, and had been muttering about how there was “no love”.

He was so convinced that the main campers were picking on him for being the “weakest link” that his fellow Clink resident Arlene Phillips had even started thinking about walking out with him.

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However, Naughty Boy had a change of heart after a ‘chat’ with Sunny, the robin who had been visiting The Clink, and decided to stay.

Hosts Ant and Dec had teased some sort of showdown, so viewers were glued to their screens when the two camps merged in Wednesday’s episode of the ITV show.

But it was decidedly underwhelming, and Naughty and Phillips were all smiles as they walked in.

Naughty Boy has made it to the main camp. (ITV/Shutterstock)
Naughty Boy has made it to the main camp. (ITV/Shutterstock)

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Phillips said: “I was very nervous walking into the main camp and what was inside was a group of people so welcoming I felt quite emotional.”

“Thank God for a new day,” said Naughty Boy.

“The last few days, yeah, they were difficult but God it’s good to come here and become a proper family -let’s go.”

Viewers were miffed by the lack of drama.

“Naughty Boy, where was the part where u were gonna confront them??” one person tweeted.

“Where is all the drama as was promised?” said another.

One posted: “Waiting for Naughty Boy to confront the camp but instead he says, ‘Oh wow I love this’.”

“I thought we would FINALLY get drama and it’s literally crickets,” said another disgruntled viewer.

“Naughty Boy and Arlene changed their tunes fast, lmao, what happened to ‘there is no love’ and wanting to confront main camp?” said another.

Richard Madeley took on the latest trial. (ITV/Shutterstock)
Richard Madeley took on the latest trial. (ITV/Shutterstock)

Later in the episode, Richard Madeley was left looking downtrodden after he failed to secure a decent meal in the Castle Kitchen Nightmares Trial.

The TV star was tasked with gathering stars from inside a cavernous tunnel full of nasty critters and rotten fruit, with each star representing food for the camp.

Ant and Dec could barely contain their giggles as, muttering “Holy moly”, Madeley struggled to locate stars amongst piles of grim-looking slop and offal.

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Wrestling with a string to free one star, he moaned: “I’m not making excuses but it's very very hard to get these undone!”

He looked crushed when the alarm blared and he realised he'd only nabbed four out of 10 stars.

“Such a disappointment,” he said.

“Better than nothing, but I was hoping for a lot more than that.”

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