I'm proud of my son, Deez Nuts

(Illustration by The Daily Beast)

Teresa Olson and her husband Mark usually spend their time tending their farm in Wallingford, Iowa, a town of less than 200 people. This week, they’re answering phone calls about Deez Nuts.

“Our answering machine,” Olson told The Daily Beast, taking in a deep breath. “We can’t get the messages off quickly enough. It’s completely full.”

The questions are pouring in because of their 15 year old son Brady Olson, the boy who would be Presidential Candidate Deez Nuts, the overnight sensationunveiled to the world by The Daily Beast. According to recent figures from Public Policy Polling, his campaign is not doing too shabby—he is polling at 9 percent in North Carolina.

But to Olson, Nuts is just a rising sophomore math geek who has loved politics since an early age.

“Brady has been in the talented and gifted program for as long as I can remember,” Olson said, with a hint of a Midwest accent. “Sometimes his grades don’t exactly reflect that. He gets bored. He’s always trying to think ahead.”

According to Olson, Brady’s 12-year-old brother came up with the name.

“It’s nothing that I disapprove of at all,” she said. “If you’re going to do an assumed name, why not do an assumed address?”

Now that the story has gained so much momentum, even Warren G, the proverbial founder of the namesake phrase has discussed an interest in becoming Brady’s potential vice president. But Olson doesn’t know who the legendary West Coast rapper is.

“I really can’t answer for Brady on that one,” she said.

He has considered other nominees though.

“We kind of jokingly say Jimmy Fallon would be great,” Olson said. “Or of course that cat [a reference to other presidential candidate Limberbutt] McCubbins.

Brady’s considerations have gone as far as staffing his cabinet—he would include members of Saturday Night Live.

“Of course Stefan would have to be on the cabinet,” Olson said.

Jokes aside, his parents are very proud of their son—his mom even recently changed her profile picture to an image of him sitting at the computer. They say he has put a lot of work into his campaign and would be interested in actually discussing policy ideas with the leading candidates. Sadly, the Trump campaign has not responded to The Daily Beast about the possibility of meeting Deez Nuts.

Teresa’s only concern is about the attention the campaign has brought—Brady is starting school in a week. The people in their small town of Wallingford have been generally positive and supportive of Brady’s efforts but there have been some issues at school before.

“Brady has gotten bullied in school in the past. I just hope all of this attention will not foster more of that,” Olson said.

For now, the Olson family is just hanging on to Nuts. His mom says, “We’ll take him as far as he can go.”

“So far it’s only been really positive feedback from everybody. He didn’t do this to make fun of anyone.”

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