IL in top 5 states with most elder fraud losses in 2023: new FBI report

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WCIA) — The Federal Bureau of Investigation released their 2023 Elder Fraud Report on Monday, revealing that fraud victims over 60 years old lost more than $3 billion dollars collectively last year.

Almost 6,000 of the 101,068 complainants lost more than $100,000. On average, most victims lost nearly $34,000, the report said. This continues an upward trend of yearly financial losses for the age group since 2018.

The number of reports from those over 60 increased 11% in 2023. The age group’s complaints vastly outnumbered those of the age ranges below, followed by those aged 30 – 39 making 88,138 reports.

Illinois victims, losses rise in FBI’s new Internet Crime Report

Elderly victims fell victim to tech support fraud the most, but lost by far the most money to investment fraud at more than $1 billion total. The overall loss was a nearly $253 million increase from 2022. The 2023 report shared that cryptocurrency was often used by perpetrators in carrying out these crimes.

Illinois broke the top 5 for biggest losses per state, and top 10 for most complainants aged 60+. Elder fraud victims in the state lost $137,940,620 and filed 2,887 complaints last year.

California came out on top of both lists with $643,230,534 lost from 11,622 complaints.

To view the FBI’s 2023 Elder Fraud Report for yourself, click here. The report also offers more information on common scams and guidance on what to do if you’ve fallen victim.

If you or someone you know is believed to be a victim of elder fraud, file a report at

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