IHOP Finally Explained Its New Name, "IHOb," and the Internet Cannot Handle It

Welcome to the International House of Burgers.

Last week, IHOP — otherwise known as the "International House of Pancakes" — announced that it would be changing its name to "IHOb." It offered no explanation as to what the "B" was actually going to stand for, which was met with a mix of confusion, excitement, and incessant guesswork from the Twitterverse. Now, the world has finally gotten the answers it's been waiting for, and people are...shocked.

No, the "b" doesn't stand for "breakfast," as many had logically suspected. Instead, it stands for "burgers."

"We’re flippin’ from pancakes, pancakes, pancakes to burgers, burgers, burgers. #IHOb," wrote the brand on its official Instagram account alongside a video that literally shows a stack of pancakes flipping over and morphing into a burger. The pancake house has always served burgers, but according to USA Today, the name change is meant to get patrons just as excited about its lunch and dinner menu as they've always been about their breakfast offerings.

Upon hearing the news, the internet wasted no time trolling the brand for the change, which many people seem to agree makes no sense at all.

Chrissy Teigen, never one to hold back on her feelings about food, seems to be outraged, too. "IHOb is the guy who gets a face tattoo of the girl’s name after 1 date," she wrote. "IHOb really likes to go all in with one food item." (Which, you've got to hand it to them, is actually kind of true).

Wendy's also got in on the trolling fun. When one of its followers asked if Wendy's was intimidated by the new burger joint in town, the chain's account hilariously clapped back.

Thankfully, the name change is only temporary. We hoBe that IHOP will be back to the pancake house we all know and love (and frequent for early morning, midday, and late-night breakfast) very, very soon.