Living With the Moon

If you’ve ever told someone, “I want to give you the moon!,” now you can ... and it’s so much easier than it looks.


  • Gold leaf Paint

  • Stencil brush

  • Artist’s paint brush

  • Overhead projector (can be rented)

  • Transparency of the moon


  1. Find a good clean wall that gets some light on it.

  2. Position your transparency of the moon on the projector so it hits the wall where you want it. Focus the image as sharp as possible. It will look like a shadow on the wall.

  3. Mix your gold leaf paint thoroughly, and often, with your artist’s paintbrush.

  4. Trace the outer line of the moon, leaving it blank when there is no shadow image.

  5. Use your stencil brush to lightly dab on the gold leaf paint whereever you see shadow.

  6. Turn off your projector and see your “moon”.


Step back every now and then to see how the shape is shaping up. Be patient. At first it won't look like much, but then the image begins to emerge.  You can always go back in and add more gold paint after you have the basic image.