Identical Twin Sisters Share Unforgettable Birth Story

Makenzie Koch

Identical twins Karen and Kathy Escobar with their doctor, Joseph Salinas, and Kathy’s new daughter at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas. (Photo: The Woman’s Hospital of Texas)

It’s common knowledge that twins are born together, but they don’t usually give birth together, too. Identical twin sisters Karen and Kathy Escobar are the exception. The two delivered their babies within hours of each other last week.

The concurrent births weren’t intentional, however.

“The irony is that the sisters were seeing the same doctor, Dr. Joseph Salinas, but never thought they would be delivering on the same day,” Ashley McClellan, CEO of the Woman’s Hospital of Texas, said in a press release issued to Yahoo Parenting.

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Despite not being due until July 31, Karen arrived at the Woman’s Hospital of Texas on June 17 when she thought she was having contractions. Her sister, who was due on June 20, came with her for support.

Doctors confirmed Karen was in labor. Shortly after, twin Kathy began experiencing some discomfort as well. Doctors examined her and confirmed that she was in labor as well.

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And within two hours of each other, the sisters both had a healthy babies in their arms. Kathy, who went into labor after her sister, gave birth first to a little girl at 5:33 a.m. Karen delivered a baby boy shortly after at 7:42 a.m. Now not only will Kathy and Karen share a birthday, but their children will, too. 

McClellan added, “Both moms and babies are doing very well.”

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