Idaho Legislature ‘freedom’ means threats, fines and jail over moral standards | Opinion


The Legislature is supposed to leave this week, but will they? They refuse to listen to the anguished cries from the vulnerable. How do they feel about our young people: from voting, giving testimony in hearings, and to the care of our LGBTQ people in our communities. Young people are our future, they are not the enemy you perceive them to be.

There are going to be some dire circumstances as a result of your abortion laws. Women get the brunt of these idiot laws. Doctors are leaving the state, along with teachers and other professionals who do not see a future in Idaho. Solve the death penalty conundrum by voting away the death penalty. It serves zero purpose except to litigate for years and years.

I do not appreciate your lax gun laws. I grew up with guns. Guns are for killing. Do any of you know what the thoughts are of the carriers of these weapons? I pretty much doubt it!

“Freedom” from this body consists of threats, fines and jail time if we do not comply with your “pathetic” high moral standards. Time for the Legislature to adjourn!

Margaret Anderson, Boise

Debt ceiling

I urge Sen. Crapo, Sen. Risch and Rep. Simpson to raise the debt ceiling. We cannot let MAGA Republicans tank our economy just so they can score some points among their cronies. Given that Republicans let Trump raise the debt ceiling and national debt over and over again it’s utter hypocrisy that they are now “standing up for fiscal responsibility” that would only make borrowing more expensive and endanger our national security. My elected officials should urge their fellow Congressmen and leadership to raise the debt ceiling and start doing something concrete to serve their community beyond political grandstanding that only further endangers our democracy and economy.

Samuel Paden, Garden City

Meridian Library

May I make a statement about the closing of the library in Meridian?

My statement is that I think it is very foolish and dumb to close any library. I think the benefit of the doubt should be given to the library board and the chief librarian.

I am old enough and experienced enough to have worked as a printer and viewed many, many newsreels of the burning of books in Germany during World War II.

Didn’t Peter Zenger work to make books available to everyone and to make the press free? Andrew Carnegie made much money available to build libraries.

Can I say closing libraries will make people dumb and dumber?

Dean Montgomery, Boise

Oil and gas

Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper is right in her pursuit of cleaner energy in “Idaho incentivizes ‘renewable energy.’ It should focus instead on ‘clean energy’” (March 6). But she missed a piece of the puzzle: American oil and natural gas.

As the world faces the challenge of meeting growing energy demand while minimizing environmental impact, U.S. oil and natural gas will be critical to our success. Of America’s 1.1 billion metric ton (18%) decline in CO2 emissions from 2005 to 2021, a leading cause is the shift to natural gas electricity generation.

With new technologies, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions even more efficiently. America already has multiple commercial-scale operating carbon capture and storage facilities, capable of collecting approximately 20 million metric tons of CO2 every year. As additional projects go online, that number could increase significantly. Meanwhile, through programs like The Environmental Partnership, natural gas and oil companies are working to reduce methane emissions and share best practices.

Oil and natural gas are projected to supply about half the world’s energy through 2050. As U.S. producers continue to reduce emissions from their operations, American policymakers need to recognize the sector as a key part of a cleaner energy future.

Aaron Padilla, vice president of corporate policy at the American Petroleum Institute, Washington, D.C.