An icy mix may start the week on Monday

ST. LOUIS — The dangerous cold has once again settled in the region. Temperatures today have been in the teens, with wind chills of -5 to -10. Heading into tonight, skies will remain clear and temperatures will be close to zero for most of the region.

Wind chills will range from -10 to -20 through Saturday morning. The winds will ease some during the day on Saturday and that will lead to moderate wind chills. Saturday night will be another frigid night.

St. Louis radar: See a map of current weather here

Things get much better on Sunday, with lots of sunshine for the first half of the day and warming temperatures up to near 30. The sun we see Sunday may be the only sun we see all of next week as the pattern flips back to unsettled.

The change in pattern will lead to an icy mix of sleet and freezing rain on Monday. The timing and duration of this mix remain uncertain. However, a couple hours of an icy mix is possible, which may impact the morning or afternoon commutes.

One thing is certain: warmer temperatures are on the way. The brief icy mix Monday will change to rain at some point. We will alternate between periods of rain and periods of drizzle from late Monday through at least Thursday. Daily temperatures will be in the 40s and overnight lows will remain well above freezing.

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