Icy conditions force Western Washington school closures

Wednesday’s icy road conditions caused disruptions across Western Washington. Several school districts were forced to cancel or delay classes.

In King and Snohomish County, residential streets were the biggest problem.

“Around midnight we started getting quite a few calls about icy conditions,” said Kelly Snyder, Snohomish County Public Works Director. “Our trucks were out there providing treatment to the roads primarily sand.”

Bellevue, Issaquah, Mukilteo, and the Edmonds School District all canceled classes.

Janine Thorn with Bellevue Schools says when making this decision the main question is, ‘Are the roads safe?

“Departments are out as early as 4 a.m. gathering information, traveling the roadways, and checking schools and the areas around schools,” said Thorn.

King County Road Services says the northeast area was hit the hardest.

“It’s slick out there, what I can tell you is we’ve had crew overnight, yesterday, and through today,” said Broch Bender, spokesperson, King County Road Services.

Road crews say the challenge with this storm has been the different elements it brought, which has made it difficult to treat roads.

“This has been a really different storm for us you know there’s been varied conditions throughout the county over the last number of days,” said Snyder.