ICRC President: Amid focus on Sudan evacuations, ‘literally millions' are in need inside the country

Sudan’s two warring factions claim they have agreed to extend a ceasefire agreement by 72 hours, but as fighting continues, a dire humanitarian crisis worsens in the country. International Rescue Committee President and CEO David Miliband joins Andrea Mitchell to detail what this prolonged violence means for the people of Sudan. “We've got to capitalize on the extra 72 hours of ceasefire that had been announced to put in place the services that are desperately needed. Because just remember, even before this latest outbreak of fighting, there were 15 million people in Sudan in humanitarian need, and the UN appeal was only 15% funded,” says Miliband. “So our call today is not just to help those who need to leave to do so - it’s to refocus on those who are bound to be staying and make sure, that they’re first of all not caught up in the fighting, but secondly, that they get the aid they need.”