Icelandic Town From ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ Campaigns for Oscar-Shortlisted Tune ‘Husavik’

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The people of Husavik, Iceland, want an Oscar, and they’re doing everything they can to get it. That includes crafting their own campaign for the Academy.

The town was featured in the form of a song in Netflix’s hit film “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” and with that, the actual residents of the town spotted an opportunity. According to a statement on the campaign’s website, more than a third of all jobs in the town come from the tourism industry.

But, as a result of COVID-19, that industry has obviously taken a hit. So, in hopes of boosting their numbers again, the townspeople have created a video Oscar campaign.

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It follows a man from Husavik named Oskar Oskarsson (because what else would he be named?). He’s the only Oskar in town, and he wants someone to share “the most beautiful name in the world” with. The people of Husavik have tried everything; they’ve gone to the elves, the children are singing the song in school, even the fisherman are practicing their trophy-handling skills with their catches.

The hope is that an Oscar win for the town will not only bump tourism numbers but help them to build a temporary museum dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest. (Yes, it’s a real event, set to take place from May 18-22 this year).

According to the campaign site, the museum will be comprised of three parts. “The first exhibit looks at the history of the Icelandic qualifier contest ‘Songkeppnin’. The second part of the museum is dedicated to the Eurovision movie and Husavik’s role in the story of ‘Fire Saga’. The third section will tell the continental story of the contest and its participant countries through the years.”

Check out the full Oscar campaign video below:

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