Is iced coffee with lemonade a thing? Here's where to get one in Volusia.

Trilogy Kitchen sweetens its cold brew coffee and lemonade with a little simple syrup.
Trilogy Kitchen sweetens its cold brew coffee and lemonade with a little simple syrup.

Summer vacation is over, but with no close end to the intense heat in sight, iced drinks abound.

Including this one, with a twist.

Iced coffee with lemonade isn't new, but more restaurants and cafes are embracing the unique beverage.

At Trilogy Kitchen in DeLand, cold brew coffee is blended with lemonade and just a bit of simple syrup to sweeten up the edges, said Michelle Cass.

Cass, who owns and operates the new breakfast and lunch spot with husband Clay Cass, said customers have provided positive reviews of the beverage — a 16-ounce drink goes for $5.50 — which will be available at Trilogy Kitchen during the spring and summer.

It's also their entry in this year's CoolCraft Summer Beverage Competition, an initiative of the West Volusia Tourism Advertising Authority.

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"With the climate being as warm as it is, it's nice to have drinks that are kind of fun and different in flavor but that don't have the weight that a milky coffee drink can have," Cass said.

She said the version available at Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co.'s downtown cafe is sweetened with honey.

Parva, a Colombian bakery and restaurant that recently opened a location in DeLand, also offers iced coffee with lemonade on its menu for $3.45.

'Coffeenade' coming soon?

The drink was developed in Sweden, according to the popular Food52 website.

Some recipes for the beverage call it a "Laura Palmer," a nod to the Arnold Palmer, a blend of black tea and lemonade, and the early 1990's TV drama, "Twin Peaks."

Major companies have given coffee and lemonade a shot in recent years while others appear to be considering it.

Earlier this year, Nestlé applied to register "Coffeenade" with the Intellectual Property Office, according to Delish.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters sells canned nitro cold brew coffee infused with Sicilian lemons.

When Starbucks put a cold brew iced coffee drink with lemonade on its menu last summer, reactions on social media were mixed — some said it was worth trying; others were disgusted.

Though no longer explicitly listed on the coffee giant's menu, lemonade is an option for customers who want to customize their drink.

This article originally appeared on The Daytona Beach News-Journal: DeLand eateries offering iced coffee with lemonade during hot months