Ice Spice Reveals She's Nigerian And Dominican After Fan Says She 'Looks So Igbo'

Bronx native artist Ice Spice had the audience’s full attention after sharing that she is Nigerian and Dominican. The details came after a user on Twitter retweeted a photo of Ice Spice insinuating the Munch artist has the genetics of “Igbo” descent.


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“Ice Spice looks so Igbo. Like her real name is Chisom,” the tweet reads.

Ice Spice responded to the Twitter account, letting everyone know that she is Nigerian but unsure of her family’s tribe.

“I’m Nigerian, but IDK which tribe. Maybe u right!” Ice Spice responded.

“Dominican too, Chill sisters,” Ice Spice tweeted to the excited fans.

Ice Spice’s ethnicity put Twitter in a frenzy with one side of the app intrigued by the news while others came for her looks and skin tone.

The musician went viral on TikTok after participating in Erica Banks’ Buss It challenge and recently has gone viral again after old tweets of the artist resurfaced online exposing how funny she is, on top of her love for Black women. 

The 22-year-old artist has become an overnight favorite with her drill hits “Munch” and “Bikini Bottom.” Since her rise to stardom, her father, who was an underground rapper, also advised her to be headstrong.

“He just basically tells me to continue to be myself and to be careful, ‘cause it can get grimey,” she said.

Ice Spice reflected on her childhood being spent indoors during a No Jumper interview. She explained the ongoing crime in the Bronx kept her inside and how her parents helped her avoid teen pregnancy.

“I probably would have been pregnant if I went to school in the Bronx. It’s really just abunch of bad kids in uniform. It’s bad everywhere,” she said.

Ice Spice created her stage name in high school after her family nickname at home, and she decided to “spice” it up by adding it to her.

“It just rhymed with it,” Ice Spice said.

Whether you like her or not, Ice Spice is gaining widespread attention.