Iberia Parish officials address flooding issues with $2 million project

IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY)– In Iberia Parish, plans are underway to address flooding issues.

Officials are constructing a total of 14 flood-resistant structures to help mitigate the overflow of water from the Gulf of Mexico.

“These structures are put in place to where when the water is coming in from the Gulf of Mexico, you have a gate on it, so it stops the water from coming in when the tide is coming in, when the tide is going out, it’s letting the water out of the channels,” Iberia Parish President Larry Richard said.

The Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority granted Iberia Parish $2 million dollars for the project. Richard said construction began two months ago, starting with the pre-pour stage, post-pour stage, and currently, the box culverts stage. He said the project will help residents in Delcambre, and surrounding cities.

“Its gonna completely help those folks a lot,” Richard said. “All of that water that they’re used to seeing on a regular day when the sun is shining, they won’t have that anymore.”

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Construction is currently on its second structure on Jefferson Canal South, with Jefferson Canal North being the first to be completed. He said the channels of the structures will provide the ability to contain excess water from heavy rain events.

“Whenever you have a high rain or a large rain, we actually have more capacity in those channels to hold more water because the water is going out, and keeping the water from coming in, so it works very good for us,” Richard said.

Richard said the project is scheduled to be completed in September.

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