Feeling Stuffed? Here's How to Work it Off on the Road

I pretty much always use traveling as an excuse not to work out. It’s literally the perfect excuse

Ah, I don’t have time, I gotta pack.

I walked around the airport…that counts, right?

My hotel doesn’t have gym!

So yeah, that worked for a while. But eventually I had to toughen up and come up with a fitness plan. Here are some of my tips:

Grip Socks

I do a mix of cardio and yoga, but it gets hard to do yoga on the road mainly because I can’t take my mat with me. However, I’ve recently discovered these adorable grip socks. They’re super soft and they have these ridges on the bottom that provide maximum traction, so you won’t slip all over the place while you’re doing downward dog. You can do yoga anywhere, even outside, all you need is these socks which are small and very easy to pack.

Resistance Band

I love to lift free weights, but you can’t exactly pack those in your carry-on. So, I’ve started traveling with a resistance band. First of all, they pack really easily and can fit in almost any bag. Secondly, they have varying resistances, so if you need things a little harder, you can buy a thicker band. And finally, they’re cheap. I purchased one for just $12 at my local sporting goods store. An added bonus is that most of them come with a book of exercises, so it’s a guided practice.

Sworkit Fitness App

There are so many fitness apps out there. For me, I really like the app Sworkit because it’s personalized. First, you select what you want to do—strength and cardio, yoga and stretching, or a custom routine option.

And what’s great is that you can select a workout that is five to 45 minutes long. So if you only have 5 minutes, that’s ok, there is a workout for you!

They walk you through the movements and they show you how to do them. I usually put on some music in the background, and go for it.

Some other great fitness apps:

1. Nexercise

2. Nike Training Club

3. Airplane Yoga

4. 7 Minute Workout Challenge

5. Carrot Fit

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