Husband wants divorce after wife 'lied' about birth control and got pregnant

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A man claims his wife lied to him about coming off her birth control. Photo: Getty Images

A husband has taken to the internet looking for answers to his predicament, after revealing that his wife got pregnant when he thought she was on birth control.

The 31-year-old man says he’s now considering divorce over her ‘betrayal’ because he claims they had both agreed that they never wanted kids in the first place.

He took to Reddit to explain the whole thing, asking if he would be going overboard by divorcing his 29-year-old wife or asking her to get an abortion.

The man started off his post by saying that he had been putting off having a vasectomy because he was ‘procrastinating’ but he and his wife had still been using condoms when they got intimate and she has been on birth control since she was 14.

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While he eventually bit the bullet and got the vasectomy two weeks ago, it seems it was two weeks too late.

“So about 2 weeks before the vasectomy, me and the wife were getting down to business and I realised that I’d ran out of condoms,” he started his post.

“She reminded me that she’s on birth control so we proceeded with the deed. I go get some more condoms after, vasectomy happens, and everything’s all good.”

It turns out that everything isn’t all good for him though, as his wife has just told him that she’s six weeks pregnant. No single method of birth control is 100 percent effective, but in this case, he says his wife admitted that she hadn’t been on her birth control for the past few months.

“On top of that, she wants to keep the kid which I am very against, she’s very f*****g ecstatic which shocked me ‘cause obviously she’s against having kids too,” he said.

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Now he says he wants to divorce her because of her betrayal. Photo: Getty Images

The man says he feels ‘so damn betrayed’ by his wife and his feelings about not having children are so strong that he’s now considering divorcing his wife.

“To be honest I might divorce her anyways cause of the crap she pulled with the birth control,” he said.

“I have told her that I’m against this pregnancy but I haven’t pushed any further than that. Would I be the a*****e for possibly divorcing her over this, or asking her to get an abortion?”

The man’s post attracted hundreds of comments from Redditors, with debates going down on the forum about what he should do.

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“This is called reproductive coercion and is f*****g disgusting,” one person said, while another said: “There's no "maybe she tricked me". She stopped taking birth control for months then TOLD you in the middle of "the deed" that she's on birth control as a means of peace of mind for not getting pregnant. Now she's over the moon? Naw fam. She was waiting for that shit to happen. You're 100% not the a**hole.”

Others thought the man needed to speak to his wife about this instead of taking to the internet.

“This really isn’t something you’re going to get a good answer for on Reddit. This is something you need to work out between you and your wife,” one person said.

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