Huntsville City Schools holds meeting for Grissom Feeder Plan, 10-year capital plan

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Huntsville City Schools is looking to undergo major renovation and expansion projects, all part of its 10-year proposed capital plan that was recently unveiled. The first in a series of informational meetings about the proposed plan was held Wednesday evening for parents to attend and ask questions.

Wednesday’s meeting drew in dozens of concerned parents, curious about how the 10-year proposed plan will impact their child’s education. During the meeting, school officials outlined how the plan will affect each school that feeds into Grissom High School.

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Under the proposed plan, each institution will see renovations and innovations.

Some of them, like Mountain Gap Elementary, will be shut down. Those students will be zoned for Weatherly and Challenger Elementary in 2032. Mountain Gap Middle School will also be shut down under the proposed plan, and those students will move to the new Challenger Middle School once it’s open in 2031.

One woman who teaches at Mountain Gap Middle School says there are pros and cons to the proposed plan.

“I like the idea of having Mountain Gap as just an elementary school and re-doing that school,” Mountain Gap Middle School English Teacher Danielle Muir said. “I really think the Mountain Gap name is important not only to me but also to the students…they really, really care about that. I think that would be a preferable option. I also just think having the two schools is okay.”

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A Mountain Gap Middle School student shared with News 19’s Lynsey Smith what this school means to her.

“Mountain Gap, like Ms. Muir said, is just…once you enter, you can never leave,” Mountain Gap Middle School Student Taylor Spencer said. “It’s not a place that you can just leave behind.”

The proposed plan is projected to cost $600 million. School officials believe this proposed plan will support teaching and learning, reimagine magnet programs, and optimize facilities.

It’s important to note that this is just a proposal. The final plan may change as situations warrant.

“If we go through with the plan, my son who is in second grade will be living in a construction zone for three years of his educational experience,” Huntsville City Schools District Three Board Member Andrea Alvarez said. “It is impacting all of us. As someone who has lived here almost her whole life, I care. I’m not going to let this fail. There’s not going to be a misstep done on my watch.”

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Alvarez says the school board is looking to vote on the proposed capital plan sometime in May. If approved, school campuses across the city will start to see projects that impact capacity or zoning after the summer.

Here’s a breakdown of the Grissom Feeder Pattern Plan:

  • Grissom High (2025-2026)

    • New turf on baseball and softball fields

  • Grissom High (2026-2027)

    • Cafeteria Addition

    • Relocate some CTE programming to the new district facility

    • Refit CTE rooms for more classroom space

  • Chaffee Elementary (2026-2027)

    • Replace pod gym

  • Farley Elementary (2027-2028)

    • New gym

    • Classroom renovations

    • New hallway flooring

    • Renovate restrooms

    • Modernize the oldest portion of the school

  • Weatherly Elementary (2027-2028)

    • Replace pod gym

    • Classroom renovations

    • New hallway flooring

  • McDonnell Elementary (2027-2028)

    • Replace pod gym

    • New roof

    • Restroom renovations

    • Parking and carline revisions

  • Challenger Elementary (2027-2028)

    • Challenger Elementary students consolidate into smaller portions of the existing building to allow for new Challenger Middle construction to begin on the unused portion of the elementary school

  • New Challenger Middle (2031-2032)

    • Challenger Middle students move into new building

    • Consolidate Mountain Gap Middle into the new Challenger Middle building on the Challenger campus

  • Challenger Elementary (2031-2032)

    • Challenger Elementary students transition into previous middle school building

  • Mountain Gap Elementary (2032-2033)

    • Consolidate/split Mountain Gap Elementary students into Weatherly Elementary and Challenger Elementary

  • Challenger Elementary (2032-2033)

    • Renovations and additions to previous middle school building to better accommodate the new elementary student population

    • Some possible rezoning to Farley Elementary

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Feeder pattern community meetings will occur at the school campuses below from 5:30 – 7 p.m. Video recordings from each meeting will be posted for those unable to attend in person.

  • Thursday, April 4: Jemison Feeder Pattern

  • Monday, April 8: Columbia Feeder Pattern

  • Tuesday, April 9: Huntsville Feeder Pattern

  • Wednesday, April 10: Lee/NCTHS Feeder Pattern

You can find the full capital plan here.

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