Hungary and Serbia help fund Putin's military — Bulgarian PM

Nikolay Denkov
Nikolay Denkov
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Hungary and Serbia are sustaining the Kremlin's military machine and aren't seeking alternative energy sources amidst intensifying disputes over a tax on Russian gas imports, Bulgarian PM Nikolay Denkov said on Oct. 27, as reported by Bloomberg.

Denkov indicated that his government intends to put a tax on Russian natural gas that transits through Bulgaria. The PM's aim is to cut off profits for Russia’s Gazprom, which are used to finance the war against Ukraine.

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Hungary has called this measure an "act of hostility," while Serbia claimed that the tax threatens to halt crucial fuel supplies in the region.

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“There was sufficient time to look for alternatives, to see that these profits are feeding the war machine of Putin,” Denkov said in response.

On Oct. 17, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in China—their first meeting since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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