Hugo Chavez's Twitter Account Says He's Back in Venezuela

Alexander Abad-Santos

There's still no video or other solide proof that Hugo Chavez is alive and well, but apparently the Venezuelan president (or someone who has access to his account) has started tweeting again after receiving his fourth cancer surgery in December. These tweets appeared on Chavez's verified account this morning after around a three month hiatus—his account last tweeted in November—announcing the long-awaited news that he's finally back in the country he's supposed to be running.

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If that's Chavez tweeting, that's pretty significant considering we haven't heard from him in quite a while. Chavez underwent his fourth cancer surgery in December, and has largely been silent since, prompting occasional rumors about more serious health problems. The Venezuelan government released the first official pictures of Chavez and the first piece of solid proof that Chavez was still alive this past Friday, but he hasn't appeared on video or in public since. Because Chavez is usually pretty vocal and likes to doing things like joke around with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about atomic bombs, his nearly two-month silence raised speculation that he could be worse off than what he and the Venezuelan government were saying and that he could possibly be sick or dead. 

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Vice President Nicolas Maduro told the nation via television that Chavez at arrived back in the country around three in the morning, according to the AP.