Hugh Hefner shares secrets of the Playboy Mansion

The Playboy Mansion is synonymous with its famous resident, magazine mogul Hugh Hefner, of course. So who better to share the secret scoop, titillating tidbits, and memorable moments of the fabled estate than Hef himself. And that's exactly what the 86-year-old did in a Vanity Fair interview.

Turns out it's not just Hef's gaggle of girlfriends and wives over the years who have shared the English-manor style stone mansion with him. "Tony Curtis lived here for a while. Jimmy Caan lived here for a while," Hefner reveals. "Shel Silverstein, a cartoonist and a close friend of mine, was probably my all-time favorite guest. He had his own room here."

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According to Hefner, his is the only property in Los Angeles that has a zoo license (thus the multiple varieties of monkeys and 50 types of exotic birds), but the best-kept secret about the place (at least the one he'll actually share) is its wine cellar. "The house was built in 1927 during Prohibition, and there is a secret panel that leads to what is now the wine cellar, but it used to be where they stocked the liquor."

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The Playboy Mansion may have it all, but Hefner admits he doesn't take advantage of most of the mansion's many offerings. "We have a pool, and I don't swim. We have a gym, and I don't use it very often," he notes, "but I get around."

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And speaking of getting around, Hefner's favorite room, he tells Vanity Fair is, well, you can probably guess. "That's the bedroom … I do my best work in the bedroom. The bedroom. In the original mansion, we had a round, rotating, vibrating bed. And that bed is here in one of the guest rooms. In the master bedroom, it is a typically shaped bed, but it's about two or three times the size of a regular bed," he explains. "Originally I had silk pajamas and silk sheets, and I kept slipping out of bed. So I have silk pajamas and satin sheets."

As for the room where he "does his best work," that answer is no surprise either. "That's the bedroom … I do my best work in the bedroom."

We're sure you do, Hef. We're sure you do.

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