HTC may bring ‘ultrapixel’ cameras to mid-range smartphones

HTC One Ultrapixel Camera
HTC One Ultrapixel Camera

HTC (2498) previously revealed that it would not be brining any other One-branded devices to market in 2013, making it do or die for its new flagship smartphone. The company has indicated, however, that select devices will be updated to the new Sense 5 user interface. Despite only releasing one flagship smartphone this year, an HTC executive hinted that the company may bring its new user interface and “ultrapixel” camera technology to a variety of mid-range devices.

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“Sense is still really the core of what we are doing on Android, and BlinkFeed is sitting on top of the core of sense — and that will start to roll out as we go through the year,” said Phil Roberson, Head of HTC UK and Ireland, in an interview with Omio. “Wherever the technology is possible, we’re looking to take as much of the technology and enrich all of our customers.”

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The executive noted that while the company’s camera technology operates on a dedicated chip, there is a possibility it could come to new mid-range phones.

“If you look at what we did on the One V [the 2012 entry-level One series phone]; that had the same image chip as we had on the One X,” Roberson pointed out, adding that “there is definitely the potential to take it into those spaces.”

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