Turn an Old Sweater Into a Plush Pillow for $7

This DIY project is courtesy of Hometalk and Beginning in the Middle blogger, Catherine.

"Now that the weather is getting cooler, I’ve been looking for subtle ways to add coziness to our home," blogger Catherine writes. "Pottery Barn pillows have been on our radar, but we decided to make our own out of something else: sweaters!”


1. Figure out what size pillows you want to use.

"We had a few extra Euro-sized pillows (26 "x 26") that I wanted to use for this project, so we kept this in mind during our sweater search," Catherine writes.

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2. Find old or discounted sweaters that look cozy.

"We found several white and ivory sweaters at thrift stores for $7 each, and happened to buy them on a day when they were an extra 25 percent off," Catherine explains. "We tried to find sweaters that were mens’ large or extra-large to fit over my 26″ pillows, but would have tried to get smaller ones for smaller pillows."

3. Fit, measure, and sew.

"Before doing any cutting, we slipped the sweater over the pillow to see if it fit, and determine where to sew," she writes. "And before sewing, we turned the sweater inside out (very important!). We used a sewing machine to sew a straight line across the top of the sweater, just below the neck hole and up the sides, and just outside of the arm holes. Go over the seams at least twice to make sure they’re strong. We decided to leave the bottom open so it could be easily slipped on and off the pillow; this worked especially well because the sweater we were working with was gathered at the bottom. If you prefer to have it closed up, you could add buttons, Velcro, or snaps!"

4. Cut.

"Once the neck and arm holes were sewn (inside out), we cut off the extra fabric and turned it right side out," Catherine explains.

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5. Slip the cover onto your pillow.

Check out the full tutorial—including photos, instructions, and details—on Catherine’s blog,Beginning in the Middle.

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