Five ways to calm your nerves before any big interview or important appointment

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Career expert Tory Johnson has five tips to help keep you calm during an important interview or meeting:

  1. Conduct a dry run, if you can, the day before the appointment. Drive to your destination at the time of your meeting. It will help with directions and timing.
  2. Arrive for the meeting five to 10 minutes early. Arriving too much before your meeting can be uncomfortable for your host.
  3. Before your meeting, research the person you are going to speak with. Nerves come from a lack of preparation.
  4. Take a mint before entering the building. Fresh breath helps build confidence.
  5. If you are asked whether you’d like water, say yes. Having something to drink nearby will give you an opportunity to slow down, take a breath, and give you valuable moments to think before you speak.

Are there other tips that have helped you stay cool under pressure before or during an interview or special occasion? Tell us in the comments.