Houston Texans mascot, TORO, wins 2 NFL Mascot Awards

HOUSTON - Houston Texans mascot, TORO, brought home two NFL Mascot Awards during this year's annual NFL Mascot Summit, according to a release.

TORO was awarded Social Media Presence of the Year and Skit of the Year.

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According to the release, the Skit of the year was featured during the Texans' matchup against division-rival Tennessee Titans on New Year's Eve. During a game break, TORO selected two lucky Texans fans for a seat upgrade. When Toro and the seat upgrade winners arrived at their new location, the discovered a "Titans fan" was sitting in their seats. When the Titans fan refused to leave the seats, TORO decided to right the wrong by sending him to the stadium catwalk.

TORO earned Social Media Presence of the Year honors for the first time as well. A new strategy yielded a greater connection to the Texans’ main social media accounts and drove a 30% growth in followers to TORO’s channels. The mascot team’s creativity, most notably TORO’s infamous prank compilation, took the account to new heights during the 2023 Season, including reaching nearly two million followers.

The 11-time Pro Bowl Mascot was also named NFL Mascot of the Year in 2021.