Houston sends vaccines to minority communities

County and city health officials are sending whatever amount of coronavirus vaccine doses they can to smaller community and public health centers, with an eye toward getting more of Houston’s Hispanic and Black residents access to vaccine. (Feb. 9)

Video Transcript

- Hello, buenos días.

- [SPEAKING SPANISH] So no allergies. You ready?





- Uno, dos, tres. [SPEAKING SPANISH]


- Gracias.

JEANNETTE GARCIA: We've been waiting since December for him to get the vaccine. We've been registering. We've registered him in a couple of places. But we have not been luck, lucky to get the vaccine until now.

- When you have two--

- OK.

DAIVD KRUSLESKI: The majority of our patients are Hispanic.

- OK, uno, dos, tres.

DAIVD KRUSLESKI: We're going to have 500 vaccines this week. We'll give out about 100 a day. But if you look at the millions of people that live in Houston, 500 is just a drop in the bucket.