Houston officer-involved shooting: Man hospitalized after firing at officers

HOUSTON - One man is in the hospital after exchanging gunfire with Houston police officers on Saturday morning.

According to a neighbor in a Memorial community, he was walking his dog by a 33-year-old neighbor who was sitting outside at 730 Country Place Drive around 7:35 a.m. when he heard two gunshots.

The man looked back and saw the neighbor sitting in a chair manipulating a firearm before going inside to call 911.

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When Houston Police Department officers arrived, they said the suspect, described as Hispanic, was armed. Authorities told him to drop the gun, but the man continued to move farther back into his garage.

Houston Police Assistant Chief Larry Satterwhite reports the man made a threatening move towards the officers and gunfire was exchanged. At least one officer fired, hitting the suspect, and the suspect fired two to three shots at the officers.

<div>Photo courtesy of OnScene Houston</div>
Photo courtesy of OnScene Houston

At this point, the suspect went inside the residence and more officers arrived to surround the home, officials say. The man refused to come out despite commands from officers.

Satterwhite claims the man's mother was inside the home and brought the gun out but went back inside before officers could detain her. The mother came back outside a second time and was detained by police.

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The suspect eventually came outside of the home and surrendered. According to police, he was taken to the medical center with non-life-threatening injuries.

Chief Satterwhite stated the two officers involved in the shooting were seven-year veterans and both will be on administrative leave as per their policy.

Officials say the suspect will likely be charged with aggravated assault of a peace officer.

Body-worn camera video will be released within 30 days, according to Satterwhite. The investigation into the shooting is underway.