Houston man allegedly put genitals on restaurant food, had child pornography: court records

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - A Houston area man has been arrested and charged for putting his genitals in restaurant food and possessing child pornography.

Othello Larenzo Holmes faces five counts of possession of child pornography with court records saying he had between 100 to 499 images showing children younger than ten.

<div>Othello Holmes</div>
Othello Holmes

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On April 5, authorities arrived at the restaurant Kulture and saw surveillance video from the manager showing Holmes allegedly placing his genitals on open food items. When interviewed by investigators, he stated he "has these urges frequently and has a history of sexual offenses" and he "needs help."

According to court documents, Holmes had his device analyzed by officials and on it were more than 100 videos and images of children between the ages of infancy to teens engaged in sexual acts.

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There were five videos found on Holmes's device depicting children believed to be under 10 years old, with one child appearing to be under 1, also performing sexual acts, court documents stated. Adult men's hands can be seen in the videos with one man in a video being heard saying, "Look at that."

Holmes is expected to appear in court on June 6, 2024. His bond has been set for $500,000 for all five charges.

Kulture gave FOX 26 this complete statement:

Two weeks ago, we learned that one of our employees had engaged in an unacceptable act contrary to our code of conduct and outside of his employment he was involved in reprehensible illegal activities, of which we were not aware.

We took immediate action by shutting down our establishment, cleaning the entire space, discarding all existing inventory, and contacting the Police to have the employee arrested immediately. Additionally, we worked with our security team to enhance our camera systems. These actions were implemented within one hour of the incident being brought to our attention, ensuring that the matter was addressed before the business opened again.

The employee has been terminated, and we have taken all necessary steps to restore our normal services to the public. We strongly believe this is an isolated incident resulting from retaliatory measures due to a demotion. Most importantly, this dangerous pedophile is off the streets.

We are continuing to work with ourselves and our employees and law enforcement as this ongoing investigation unfolds