Hottest Bosses You’d Want to Work With


Ji Sung - Entertainer

With those gentle eyes and sincere smile, this boss could probably convince you to do every single task needed. Ji Sung plays Shin Suk Ho, a star director from K-Top Entertainment with the hot idol group, Jackson under his wings. But all goes downhill when Ji Sung attempts to leave and set up his own independent company.

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Kwak Hee Sung - The Greatest Lover

Baek Kang Ho may have started off as a cold city man, but as we all know, love overcomes all hurdles. He is clear headed and in office decisions, which we know is definitely a plus point. But bring love into the picture and he instantly becomes a compliant boyfriend.

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Lee Seo Jin - Marriage Contract

Han Ji Hoon is the kind of boss who you wouldn’t dare to approach, but only silently observe him from a distance. But like most men in dramas, Han Ji Hoon transforms into a warm man who just longs to put aside his status and be with someone he loves.

See Lee Seo Jin fight for his love in Marriage Contract


Rain - My Lovely Girl

Lee Hyun Wook is a hands-on boss who bothers to check up on his employees and enquire on their progress - especially those he handpicks into the company (aka Krystal). But deep down he’s also a man who wants to atone for past mistakes that he’s done, and for people he’s lost.

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