Hot nail art this Autumn

Natalie Baker
Yahoo! Contributor Network

Nail art is one beauty trend that isn't going anywhere. If like me you love to glance down at your nails to admire pretty patterns, but you've not done much in the way of art since your school days, then fear not! I've rounded-up some oh-so simple designs that still look seriously effective. And if you think that artsy nails are only for tweens, think again. Everyone from the sports stars to pop stars are making a statement with their nails.

Chunky Glitters

Chunky glitters are popular this season and the good news is they're really easy to use. If you find glitters a bit garish, try painting one accent nail or just the tips. I've created this gradient nail art using Models Own Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix Polish, £5, over the top of a pastel polish. Want something a little subtler? Try it over a nude polish instead.

  1. After applying a basecoat, apply your desired coloured polish
  2. Sweep the glitter polish over the tips of your nails
  3. Once dried, apply a second sweep of glitter polish across each of your nail tips
  4. Apply a coat of the glitter polish to your entire nail to create the gradient look
  5. Finish with a clear top coat

Leopard Print

Nail art pens make it really easy to get creative with your nails as you can simply draw on your desired design. I've used Topshop's Nail art pens, £6.50 each, in Nightrider and Fools Gold to get this leopard print look.

  1. Apply two coats of nude polish to your nails
  2. Once dried, take your gold nail art pen and create random gold dots on your nails by pressing your pen down onto your nail to distribute the colour
  3. Wait for your gold polish to dry and then draw around each gold circle using your black nail art pen
  4. Finish with a top coat

Zebra Print

Give your zebra manicure a twist by using different coloured polish as your base, I've chosen pink.

  1. Apply a coloured polish of your choice to your nails
  2. Use a white (or black) nail art pen to create your zebra stripes. Start from the outer edge of your nail and draw inwards.
  3. Finish with a glossy top coat

Coloured French Manicure

One of the easiest nail art designs around is the coloured French manicure. Channel your love for Louboutin with black and red or use pretty pastels for a feminine look.

  1. Paint your nails in a colour of your choice
  2. Use a second, contrasting colour to paint the tips of your nails. You may need to apply several coats depending on your chosen shade
  3. Finish with a top coat

Monochrome Nails

Black and white is one colour palette that never dates but if you want to give your manicure a modern twist then add some creative patterns. For this look you'll need a black and white nail polish and a black and a white nail art pen.

  1. Paint your nails using black and white polish. You could paint every alternate nail in each colour or paint one accent nail in black or white
  2. Once your base colour has dried, get creative with your nail art pens. To create the polka dots, dab a contrasting colour on to your nail to make the small dots
  3. Draw a pattern on one nail using a contrasting colour, such as a heart or star
  4. Use a contrasting coloured polish to paint the tips or diagonally across one nail