Meet America's latest 'hot mug shot guy'

Sean Kory, left, and Jeremy Meeks (Santa Cruz Police Dept./Stockton Police Dept.)

A man who yelled "I hate Fox News" was arrested after allegedly attacking someone dressed as a Fox News reporter at a Halloween parade in California over the weekend — but it's his mug shot that's garnering the most attention.

Sean Kory, a 29-year-old from Santa Cruz, was at the city's annual Halloween parade on Friday when police say he spotted the victim, voiced his opinion about the cable news network, grabbed the victim's microphone prop, "proceeded to rub the microphone on his crotch" and pummeled the victim with an aluminum tennis racket. The victim, who was not hurt, alerted police, who nabbed the suspect as he was attempting to flee. Kory was arrested and booked into Santa Cruz County Jail.

Kory's booking photo, released by the Santa Cruz Police Department, received immediate comparisons to Jeremy Meeks, whose photo took the Internet by storm after his arrest on gang-related gun charges in June.

"Meet America’s newest hottie inmate," the New York Post declared.

Just days after Meeks' June arrest, TMZ reported that he was offered a modeling contract. But according to the Daily News, one of the two Hollywood agents Meeks apparently retained said the report of a contract was premature.

In July, Meeks was indicted on federal charges stemming from the arrest and a 2002 felony grand theft conviction.

He was transferred to Sacramento County Jail, where he is being held without bail.

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