Horse stuck in freezing creek for hours — until rescuers stepped in, Indiana photos show

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Fire departments in Indiana took part in a heroic rescue of a beautiful, older female horse named Lola.

Lola, who despite her good looks, is in her late 20s, wandered away from her home in a field in Greenfield. The dark-haired beauty is a Tennessee walking horse who deserves a long rest after going through a traumatic ordeal on Nov. 30.

Lola has had a tough go of it recently — Skillman Veterinary Services, which the mare is in the care of, said in a Facebook post that she recently survived a corneal infection and choke, which is an obstruction in her esophagus.

But on Tuesday, Nov. 30, Lola’s caretakers began to get worried when she did not return to the barn for breakfast with the other horses. The barn staff couldn’t find her anywhere in the field where she normally roams, the post said.

Finally, after walking the area of the fence, barn owners found her stuck in a creek, completely soaked and almost submerged. She was “exhausted from physically holding her head up to keep from it going underwater and drowning,” the post said.

Even worse, the temperature was near freezing outside when Lola was found, and staff said she was likely stuck for over a few hours.

That’s when emergency responders were notified.

Using a backhoe and other equipment, local firefighters were able to lift Lola’s 1,000-pound body from the creek. Lola was “shaking violently” from the cold, trying to conserve body heat, the post said.

Lola the horse was trying her best to keep her head above water while stuck in a creek, her Indiana veterinarian said.
Lola the horse was trying her best to keep her head above water while stuck in a creek, her Indiana veterinarian said.

“She was physically exhausted from the last hours, and we were all discouraged if she may have any life in her,” the clinic said in the post.

But after fluids, medicine and heat packs, the older mare began to regain her health, and even her appetite, the clinic shared.

“With down horses the next 24 hours are always crucial, please pray and cross your fingers for a smooth recovery for Lola,” the post said. “So far, she’s holding steady like the champ she is. These don’t always end as happy as this one, so had to share!”

The clinic credits Sugar Creek Township Fire Department and the Buck Creek Township Fire Department for bringing the supplies and manpower to save Lola.

Greenfield is about 25 miles east of Indianapolis.

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