Horse Mask Meme Makes a Live Storm Appearance

Esther Zuckerman
Horse Mask Meme Makes a Live Storm Appearance

Local news coverage of Sandy has already brought us images of windblown correspondents, people boarding up buildings, and now, an Internet meme come to life: NBC Washington caught a man jogging shirtless wearing a horse head mask.

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Though we don't have any information on the jogger's motives, we do know something about the symbol. As Gawker's Max Read and Adrian Chen pointed out on Twitter the horse head mask has a long history on the web. Know Your Meme writes that "The Horse Head Mask, made from soft vinyl and latex, has become a symbol for anonymity (like the Guy Fawkes mask) and humor over the internet, most commonly in Japan." There is even a subreddit solely dedicated to the masks: "r/HorseMask." One of those taking note of the latest horsemask stunt was @YourAnonNews. A potential historic storm is no match for tomfoolery.