"Like in a horror movie": the war in Ukraine has become hell for occupying forces - communications interception by Security Service of Ukraine

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The Security Service of Ukraine has intercepted telephone conversations between the occupying troops, which show that the only thing they dream of is to survive, retire from the army and never return to Ukraine.

Source: Security Service of Ukraine

Details: According to one of the invaders, who is fighting on the Luhansk front, all their vehicles have already been burned out, and half of the battalion personnel remain. So a lot of 200s [killed soldiers] will be delivered to their Altai Krai [a region in Western Siberia -ed.].

Quote of the occupiers: "We have a lot of pain in the a*s. We have a lot of 200s [killed soldiers] and 300s [wounded soldiers]… my commander was killed. I barely got out of there, I tell you. I’m done…I'll just go to Aleysk, I will not serve… that’s it. I'm telling the truth, I'll resign, damn it. After what I have seen, no… "

"You know, it's a horror… I tell you. It's just a real hell, like in a horror movie!"

Quote by Security Service of Ukraine: "Well, Ruscists, welcome to hell! You have chosen such a fate!".