A homeowner fired at Miami police serving an arrest warrant. He wasn’t the one arrested

Miami police serving an arrest warrant with a SWAT team overnight Thursday made that arrest. The neighbor who police say exchanged gunfire with them, Miami police say, wasn’t arrested but wound up being taken to a hospital by Miami Fire Rescue.

Police were in Liberty City around 2 a.m. to arrest Jevon Algudin, a 40-year-old who is a suspect in eight burglaries, two grand theft auto cases, an armed robbery and a battery on a law enforcement officer. Miami Police Assistant Chief Armando Aguilar said Algudin was in a home on Northwest 70th Street near 15th Avenue.

While the SWAT team was executing the search warrant, Aguilar said, a homeowner came out of his house on Northwest 69th Terrace and shot several times at a Miami police detective. The detective fired back.

“Thankfully, neither the detective nor the homeowner were injured,” Aguilar said. “The homeowner suffered a medical episode and was taken to the hospital by Miami Fire Rescue.”

Algudin barricaded himself in the house for 30 minutes before being arrested. His Florida Department of Corrections entry says he’s done six prison turns, the longest being two years, two months, for charges that include burglary, car theft and cocaine dealing.

Police are still investigating the neighbor-firing-his-gun part and plan to talk to him after he comes out of the hospital.

“Right now, we don’t know exactly why the homeowner opened fire,” Aguilar said. “We don’t know if it was a case of misidentification or what his intent was. But, right now, there’s certainly not enough to believe it merits criminal charges on the homeowner.”