Home where architect Eichler lived, tested modern design innovations lists after 60 years

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The personal mid-century modern home of iconic architect Joseph Eichler has come to market with a price tag of $6.385 million

The Atherton, California, listing marks the first time the property, sitting on nearly one acre, has been on the market in more than 60 years, according to the Compass real estate firm.

Geometric patters are punctuated across the five-bedroom, six-bathroom home’s 3,700 square feet of living space. The V-shaped residence makes a statement through the use of redwood, brick and large glass walls that open to seamless indoor-outdoor living.

“The triangular design is a key feature,” listing agent Eric Boyenga of Compass said via email. “It reflects the geometric creativity of mid-century modern architecture. The house showcases triangular shapes in its layout, offering unique, dynamic spaces with angular walls or partitions. The rooflines feature steep, sloping angles, leading to dramatic, high ceilings often adorned with exposed beams. Even in the decorative details, like window designs and floor tiles, triangular motifs are prevalent, adding a cohesive and visually intriguing element to the home’s overall design.”

The San Francisco Bay Area property, located in the desirable Lindenwood neighborhood at 19 Irving Ave., served as Eichler’s personal retreat until 1965, according to the Compass. Designed by influential architectural firm Anshen & Allen in 1951, the home coincided with the beginning of Eichler’s illustrious career, which included 9,660 homes built in the Bay Area, 575 in Southern California and 62 in the Sacramento area.

“The original residence of renowned builder Joseph Eichler stands as a testament to mid-century modern design and a personal embodiment of his architectural vision,” the property listing states. . “The Eichler residence is more than just a structure; it’s a spatial narrative that unfolds through its V-shaped layout, parallelogram-themed rooms, and a swimming pool that mirrors this geometric precision.”

Eichler tried out pioneering features in the home, such as sliding doors, built-in furniture and new materials, before introducing them into his modern tract housing — “making the residence a ‘cinemascope’ version of Eichler tract homes and a crucible for design experimentation,” according to Compass.

The residence brings a minimalist design to the front facade and uses post-and-beam construction. The modernized house has radiant heating, too.

“This is an Eichler on steroids,” Boyenga told Palo Alto Online. “It’s a spectacular house. Most Eichlers were very simplistic. Everything here is built custom.”

Janelle Boyenga is co-listing agent for the home.

Joseph Eichler’s original home in Atherton, California.
Joseph Eichler’s original home in Atherton, California.
The original home of Joseph Eichler in Atherton, California, lists for $6.4 million.
The original home of Joseph Eichler in Atherton, California, lists for $6.4 million.