Home crumbles in North Salt Lake landslide

August 5, 2014

NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah (AP) — One home has been destroyed and at least a dozen others have been evacuated after a landslide struck a hillside community in North Salt Lake early Tuesday.

The home on Parkway Drive crumbled after rain-saturated soil from the hill above started piling up behind it at around 6 a.m. Tuesday. The hill is located above the Eagle Ridge Tennis and Swim Club.

Images showed the beige, two-story home pushed onto the driveway and over large landscaping rocks. Walls were ripped from the roof and windows were blown out. A large, half-moon-shaped chunk of land was missing from the hill above.

No injuries have been reported.

Woods Cross Police officer Ryan Lundquist said crews evacuated at least a dozen homes on one street because more chunks of hillside were expected to come down.

In addition to the home, the landslide has destroyed a tent belonging to a tennis club nestled in the hillside, Lundquist said.

Randy Waddoups, who is in charge of maintenance for the Eagle Ridge Tennis and Swim Club, said he could hear the hillside rumbling hours before it tumbled.

"You could hear it last night," Waddoups said. "It was creaking and you could hear the dirt."

The tennis club and homes in the manicured, high-end suburban neighborhood are nestled along the hillside.

The city of North Salt Lake, with a population of about 17,000 is located 10 minutes north of Salt Lake City.

Residents on Monday told KUTV that they started noticing earth moving on the hill above a week earlier while a developer was prepping lots on top of the hill.

North Salt Lake City Manager Barry Edwards says the city had been working with the developer to address the loose earth. They had discussed building reinforced fences around homes and removing loose soil, but that work had not begun.


Associated Press writers Brady McCombs, Lindsay Whitehurst and Michelle Price in Salt Lake City contributed to this report.