Holly Springs PD looks for men who fired shots at patrol car

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Holly Springs Police officers are looking for two suspects who they say fired shots at an officer on Monday.

According to Holly Springs Police, an officer noticed a red Kia Forte driving erratically with no headlights or taillights while driving on South Randolph Street. Police say the officer tried to make contact with the vehicle but was unable to due to the driver’s speed and the fact they did not stop at stop signs.

The officer claimed he then turned on his emergency lights and sirens as a way to clear the intersections and try to close in on the vehicle. Once on West Van Dorn Ave, the officer was able to make out the car’s license plate number and gave it to Marshall County Dispatch.

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Holly Springs Police say that during the chase, the suspect began to drive in a grassy area until it was able to reach the I-22 interstate driving westbound. As the officer was driving behind them, debris from the car began to be thrown as it drove on the left shoulder.

Police say that’s when the officer heard two loud thuds that sounded like they hit his patrol vehicle. At the time, the officer said he thought it was from the debris coming off the suspects’ car.

According to police, when the officer decided to disregard the pursuit and went to a gas station to fill up his patrol car’s tank, he noticed a hole in the middle of the hood of the car and a hole by the fog light.

He then advised the Marshal County Dispatch that his vehicle had been shot twice during the incident. He also told them to issue a BOLO (Be On the Lookout) for the vehicle.

Later that day, police say the officer was told that the vehicle had been located on an off-ramp from I-22 to Red Banks, Miss.

The officer also learned that in a nearby area, dispatch was called after two black men were caught on a ring camera. When deputies arrived on the scene, the men took off running into the woods.

Police believe these suspects are the same people who shot at the officer’s patrol car. They are being charged with aggravated assault on police.

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