These Hogwarts House prints could be the perfect 'Harry Potter' Xmas present

LONDON — We've all taken the Sorting Hat test. Whether or not we're happy with the results, we all know what Hogwarts House we belong in.

The question is, how do we brighten our hopelessly drab muggle existences and proudly display our House allegiance?

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Well MinaLima, the graphic design studio that worked on both the Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts films, may have the answer.

In the run-up to Christmas they've released a range of Hogwarts House-themed prints on their website...

Here's the Hogwarts Crest.

Image: minalima

The prints — which are displayed on an embossed white background — also come in all the different House varieties.


Image: minalima


Image: minalima


Image: minalima


Image: minalima

The prints are priced at £99 ($122) each and are available on MinaLima's online store.

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