HIV-infected Dayton man arrested on sex charges likely had numerous victims, police say

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Feb. 25—A 50-year-old Dayton man with HIV was arrested and charged after allegedly offering an undercover Dayton detective oral sex at a home, police say.

Jason C. Davis was indicted this week on charges of felony assault and possession of criminal tools.

Davis is accused of knowingly engaging in sexual conduct without disclosing that he has tested positive for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), according to Montgomery County Common Pleas documents.

Davis advertised himself and his residence on Speice Avenue on several adult websites and telephone apps, as someone who would engage in sexual conduct at his home at no cost, according to police. Davis did so without disclosing his status as a carrier of AIDS, police said.

Earlier this month, an undercover police detective went to Davis' Speice Avenue address and located a glory hole, which had posted COVID-19 rules, the affidavit and statement says. The officer said he spoke with Davis, who was on the other side of a large piece of plywood with a hole cut out at waist level, court records show.

Investigators are concerned that there may be other persons, over a period of years, whom have interacted sexually with Davis who may also be victims.

David allegedly told police he provided 1,000 men with oral sex through a "glory hole" at his home on Speice Avenue before he found out he was HIV positive, the affidavit and statement of facts say.

People who feel they have been a victim of Davis, the Dayton Police Department is encouraging them to seek testing immediately, and contact Major Brian Johns, Division Commander of Investigations & Administrative Services (937-333-1110), so circumstances can by fully investigated.

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